National Release of CD-Cops on Encyclopaedia

The Danish National Encyclopaedia is an impressive government-supported work written by more than 3000 specialists over a period of 9 years. In paper form it consists of 21 huge books. Electronically it was decided to publish it compressed on a single CD-ROM, focusing more on content than on video clips and high resolution pictures. It is being sold together with 3 supporting CD-ROMs for around $200.

The publisher, Gyldendal, chose CD-Cops for securing this important title. Gyldendal is Denmark's largest publisher and has used CD-Cops on several CD-ROM titles before. Implementation of the security was carried out together with the Danish company Aminova, specialists in programming and assembly of multimedia titles.

In a similar fashion CD-Cops was used some years earlier when the Swedish National Encyclopaedia was published.

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