Vesterbro Fountain

New Blood for Link Data Security

Link Data, in its continuing efforts to be on the forefront of technology related to security, encryption and the internet, is hiring the brightest young men in the field. We would like to present three new employees:

Link Data Security A/S, Vesterbrogade 51, 1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Phone +45 33 23 23 50, Fax +45 33 23 84 48

Topics: software security, software piracy, anti-piracy, software metering, license management, license control, software protection, CD-ROM protection, Cd-Cops, CopyLock,WinCops, DialCops, DialProg, copy protection, copy discouragement, illegal copying, illegal distribution, DVD-Cops, WebCops, CdCops, demo protection, machine installation, Crypto, data encryption, load mode, reboot mode, key diskette, keydisk

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