Real CD-ROM Recognition!

CD-Cops recognition system available now!
Protected applications will run only with an original CD from the manufacturer.

Real Recognition

This amazing product, the first and only one of its kind in the world, can recognize an original CD-ROM and reject copies made on a CD-ROM burner or even from a glass master (professional pirates). Other companies claim to have CD-ROM protection, but what they really mean is that you can distribute your software on CD-ROM. They almost all require some additional security: a dongle, or an access code, or an extra diskette. Those that actually work with the CD require special fabrication techniques.


No Special Equipment Necessary

Some systems require that the CD manufacturer invest in expensive machinery. CD-Cops works on ordinary CDs that fulfill the Compact Disk specification. No bad sectors or other unauthorized "fiddling" with the CD.


No changes to production techniques

Once the protection has been applied to the software, the production of the CD is unchanged. You send your CD-R master to the factory just like you always do. No special instructions or procedures.


User friendly

When the protected application is started, it checks the CD-ROM drive for an original CD. If one is not inserted, the application will refuse to run. The procedure is similar to the classic key disk protection.


Codes printed on the CD

With this new, unique, and highly secure copy protection scheme, you can make sure that no one can make copies of your CDs. And you do not need to change anything in the production of the CDs.

The only difference is the post-production of the CDs, where a small sticker must be put on the back of the CD cover, containing the code to be entered during installation. This code can also be printed on the cd itself, by including the code in the silk print. The code is based on the measurement of your master CD, and can be generated on any normal Windows PC.

Many applications currently feature a similar code-scheme to discourage end-users from installing illegal copies. So your customers are already used to the procedure.


With this new system, you have a well-known interface, and virtually unbreakable copy protection. Plus the assurance that your application will accept only CDs that you have produced. CD-Cops supports Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT, Win-OS/2 and all varieties of network: client-server as well as peer-to-peer.


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