Famous video hits as CD-ROM


In 1975 Ivo Caprino moved a lap forward in the history of animated movies with the "Flåklypa Grand Prix" movie. The Norwegian name was translated into "PinchCliff Grand Prix" in English and "Hintertupfinger Grand Prix" in German.

For many years it was discussed how the fabulous animation technique was done.

In 1999 it was released in Norway as a CD-ROM game. As it was expected that hackers would try hard to crack any protection, various systems were tested until CD-Cops was finally chosen.

CD-Cops was recommended by the CD-factory SDC Norway AS, part of www.sdc-group.com.

The CD-ROM introduction was a tremendous success - selling 100,000 CDs in 5 months. The old Norwegian record was around 25,000 CDs.Part of the game can be seen over the internet by clicking here.

Hackers did not succeed in copying the game - but hard work was done, evident from numerous emails sent over the Internet. Ivo's son, Remo Caprino, was in charge of the CD-ROM project, while in turn his son, Mario Caprino, was in charge of technical programming.

The success of the protection must be shared with Mario for his clever implementation of the CD-Cops Game-API toolkit. With this toolkit it is up to the programmer to plan and carry out a security analysis. The end-result should be carefully tested to avoid side effects. But each and every CD-ROM title will be secured in a unique way - thus making a generic hack very difficult to make.


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