DVD Piracy takes off


DVD-Cops is ready and waiting. The prices of DVD burners and DVD media are falling. It's only a matter of time before the DVD pirates are on the loose. DVD-Cops was first used in 1998, but the big boom is still to come. Royalties correspond to those for CD-Cops while start-up price is higher.

The concern for DVD piracy has grown since manufactures of DVD burners showed models for $1000 at Cebit. With these prices customer demand is growing fast and prices will decrease rapidly due to mass production.

To begin with DVD-R will be used to make copies of DVD-Video. It is distributed on 4.7 Gb media (same as DVD-ROM). As you may know, the complicated CSS "protection" used on DVD-video has long ago been hacked and the video contents is easily copied. CSS by the way does not provide any protection against a simple DVD-R copy. Only the drives are forbidden to readback the secret keys embedded in the gap fields in the DVD-media. So it is not possible to take advantage of gap information to protect DVD-ROM.

As with CD-Cops, production of DVD-Cops protected DVD-ROMs can take place at any normal quality DVD-plant.


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