Watch out for CD-Cops clones !

Recently we discovered that the success of CD-Cops on the Russian market has led to a commercial product, now being sold out of Russia. It is marketed under names as CD-Guard and Starforce. The company behind it, Russobit, regularly tries to purchase our newer 32-bit technology, from Russia and from their Canada affiliate.

In 2001 we received an email from a seemingly young poor programmer in Moscow that offered us help: "I am programmer from Russia/Moscow.My expirience is about 5 years of programming/reverse engeneering. I know C/C++/Asm.I can work in MSVC/Borland Builder(MFC/OWL)....I reverse your protection, and i know how to improve it to very cool level against cracking. I can write for yours company many good sources... "And ,at the end,i hope you will understand me,as i want to work for yours company in Denmark." Probably a smart guy, but he overlooked the Message-ID and Content-ID having the domaine name <...@starforce>. These fields are hidden meta tags in the email used for identification purposes.

In 1999 our CD-Cops technology became famous in Russia when Syracuse Language System, an expensive English language CD-ROM, resisted all hacking attempts. We have in our possession a beautiful glassmaster-made CD-ROM that was printed in 10.000 pieces before the pirates discovered that it did not work with the original CD-code. Even so, it was sold on the black market and the result was internet and newspaper warnings against this pirated product.


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