USB-Cops for macOS

Secure copy-protection for standard, low-cost, high-capacity USB-sticks. USB-Cops makes it possible to distribute copy-protected software on this media. This saves the cost of the special USB dongles.

Compared to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM distribution, USB stick distribution has the following advantages:

USB-Cops copy-protection

No initial glass-master production costs.

Fast production cycle, suited to print-on-demand needs.

User can write to the USB-stick, making program and user data portable.

Writability also means that hard drive installation can be avoided.

Works in Macs, notebooks and network clients without a CD-drive.

Supports newest MacOS (OS X) 10.6 - 12.x. Support is now also added for ARM computer chips. Works with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 on both MLC and SLC memory chips.

For Windows support see USB for Windows.

Each USB-stick is unique, and during the production process (writing data to the stick) this uniqueness is coded in a small hidden file. When the protected program is run, the code is matched against the USB-stick. The program runs only if the right USB-stick is present. There is no need for any user actions; the copy-protection is transparent.

The security level is on par with CD-Cops and other protections from Link Data Security, thus making it very difficult for hackers to circumvent the protection mechanism. Most brands of modern memory chips are supported. For best security and quality we source USB-sticks and handle preload with our USB-Cops software tools in Shenzhen, China.

Please note that writability implies the risk of infection by virus/malware - and users can delete the USB-stick's contents by mistake (even if files are set to R/O). This can be avoided by creating a CD-ROM-like partition on the USB stick.

The French Educational system uses in volume USB-Cops and Cops Crypto copy-protection on hybrid USB-sticks for Windows as well as Mac OS X.


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