SWF (Shockwave Flash)

Adobe Shockwave (originally Macromedia Shockwave) has been a popular platform for making multimedia applications and video games. It is now discontinued for web use, but existing titles made for stand-alone use on CD/DVDs are still working and in circulation.

In connection with Windows 10 SWF files ceased to work. It was not possible directly to replace the SWF player as it in most cases was integrated with the main SWF file.

In many cases NorthCode SWF Studio was used to secure a tight connection between the main SWF file and an embedded ActiveX based SWF player. ActiveX has been phased out from Windows 10, so in order to prolong life of such titles the original SWF code must be digged out and freed of any ties to the Northcode player. A cumbersome job, but in order to safe larger series of titles we have done it.


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