Rimage initiates cooperation

Loader support and more.

Due to customer requests, Rimage, the world leader in CD-R and DVD-R duplicating machinery, has contacted us, and a number of meetings were held at our office in Copenhagen.

Tom Sherman (USA) on the picture is director of product management. Besides him participated Poul Hellman (European sales) and Nigel Filer (UK).

The main focus was on our CD-R and DVD-R protections combined with Cops Crypto data protection. They needed a good solution and in general face a rising demand for data protection.

We were then lent a 4-drive loader and given access to low-level proprietary specifications and managed to port our products.

Tom Sherman, Rimage

The outcome is that we now can supply protection for production on basically all Rimage loaders. Both program and data protection are ready.

Due to our low level knowledge gained from this project, Rimage has involved us in two international consultancy projects.

We look very much forward to the cooperation with Rimage in the future.

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