Link sells measure-drives

DVD-Cops is now in use on many DVD-ROM titles, giving the same level of security and flexibility as CD-Cops does for CDs. The best selling DVD-ROM title on the German market is protected with DVD-Cops. DVD-Cops has been improved with Dual layer support and support for "bridge UDF" format.

In connection with DVD-Cops, some of our customers have had trouble finding a good DVD drive to measure their discs.

Link Data has recently made a comprehensive test of many DVD drives, and we have chosen a specific drive as our official DVD/CD-Measure Drive. You can buy this individually-tested drive from us for USD 100 plus freight. The drive is good for both CDs and DVDs, providing very reliable measurements.

The DVD-drive is a Sony DDU1621. If you are having CD or DVD measuring problems, buying this drive probably will solve it.

Buying it from us ensures that it has been tested and is guaranteed to be precise.

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