Iran Surrenders

Few countries in the world are harder to sell protection to than Iran and Turkey. Hackers have been used to breaking any protection fast.

In both countries CD-Cops has now been acknowledged as the only system offering any worthwhile security. Starting slowly with minor releases in both countries a few years ago, the largest publishers are now using CD-Cops.

Our trusted ally, MediaWise in Greece, is handling both these areas. Due to Iran's closed structure, an agreement has been made with one of the largest fulfillment providers, Shygun Systems. With more than 10 years experience and 3000 customers, they are the perfect partner.

As they say:

"Cyber world without cryptography is nothing. Shygun System brought this dream to reality for all software producers to protect their products, data and other virtual properties by comprehensive cryptography solutions. Many components and libraries are provided by Shygun System for encryption and software anti-piracy solutions.

Shygun System provides CD-COPS Technology for copy protection and is also a Legal representative of Mediawise International and Link Data Security in Iran."

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