Why use Cops Copy-Protection ?

The bottom line is that in the long run you earn more money.

Copy-protection ensures that:

CD-Cops piracy Statistics:

Our Autosupport statistics show a massive amount of pirate attempts. 4 out of 5 do not leave email address, almost exclusively due to piracy. 3 out of 4 of the ones with email address are pirate copies and CD-ROM emulators.

Generic piracy statistics:

35-40% of software used in the world is pirated:
Internetnews BSA 2002
BSA 2018 study

The latter shows piracy figures for 2007: USA: 20%, Japan: 23%, Australia: 28%, Canada 33%, EU: 35%, Asia: 60%, Middle East/Africa: 60%, Latin America: 65%, Eastern Europe: 68%, Worldwide average: 38%

Copy-protection advantages:

See also "Why use copy protection?".

Why Cops:

Cops security systems are the only systems that basically keep a company free of piracy, due to a combination of our technical and political efforts. No such solution comes without the need for support; here our responsiveness and dedication is a major plus. Our internet based Autosupport has proven effective in keeping support off the publisher's table.

The products are constantly being refined. Due to high volume and automated support systems, we get valuable fresh information back from all over the world. Our clients and distributors give us valuable inputs that ensures that we continue to support the most important platforms.


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