General Information

Link Data Security A/S is a Danish company which has been marketing security products since 1984, when the first version of Cop's Copylock for DOS was released. Even before that date, we protected our own software (both CPM and DOS) with simpler home-made schemes.


Our main principle is a belief in the strength of individuality. You don't have to struggle to make things unique - the differences are there if you measure carefully.


Each disk is recognizable by the way the bits are arranged on the tracks. Each computer can be distinguished from seemingly identical computers. No matter how precise a copy is, a closer look will always reveal differences.

From a broad range of hardware and consulting work we have, over the years, concentrated our efforts in the highly specialized field of data security.

Cop's Security Products are designed for software distributors or others who want to secure their programs or data against piracy. They are all easy to use, and do not require the purchase of special equipment or diskettes.

Once protected, your program or data cannot be copied by software utilities or hardware devices. Your software is encrypted and debug-proofed to prevent reverse engineering and hacking of all kinds. Despite this high security, the protection is almost transparent to the end-user.

Link protection systems are known and used throughout the world, especially in areas where software piracy is a serious problem. The first version of Cop's CopyLock was released in 1984. Since then, CopyLock has been improved and expanded to encompass a comprehensive security line, most of which are covered in these pages.

Using these modern tools, it is easy for program and data distributors to fully control user licenses without excessive administration or end-user problems. If your special requirements are not fully covered by the products mentioned below, we will be happy to assist you in tailoring a solution.

Cop's protection systems offer these distinct advantages over competing products:

These features, coupled with Link Data Security's technical expertise and user support, have made Link the choice of professional software houses.

Link Data Security A/S Vesterbrogade 51 DK-1620 Copenhagen V., Denmark