LINK's Security Products

Cop's CopyLock II Standard for DOS
For the copy protection of DOS .EXE and .COM files. Files are locked to key diskettes. The key diskette is required each time the program is loaded, or once for each reboot. No special diskettes, hardware or code changes are required. All DOS diskette formats are supported. Unlimited number of protections. Highest diskette and code security. The protected files are encrypted and furnished with state-of-the-art debug-trapping. On the market since 1984.

Cop's CopyLock II Automatic for DOS
Same features as CopyLock Standard. Key diskette required on Load or Reboot, plus the Machine Installation which allows a protected program to be permanently installed without altering the hard disk. Machine installation allows 100% normal backup and restore in contrast to the "hard disk installation" used by others. The hard disk can be low-level formatted or even replaced with another disk type without affecting protected files.
Includes a versatile Demo Mode for allowing your program to run a specified number of times. Supports pre-defined production runs. Image Mode. Unlimited number of protections. Marketed since 1984.

Cop's Copylock Meter Pack
The Cop's Copylock II Meter Pack offers you an easy, low-cost entry into diskette-based copy protection. Each package produces 10, 20, 50 or 100 key diskettes with unlimited program protections and updates.
The programs are delivered on one 720Kb diskette containing the Copylock Automatic software and a metering count. The complete Copylock II Handbook is included in electronic form. There is a utility to allow you to browse and search for particular items.
You get the proven Copylock security at a price per protection far below that of dongles. The meter pack serves as an introduction for new customers as well as an economical solution for minor software-houses or small production runs. First release October 1992.

Cop's CopyLock II Loader for DOS
Same features as CopyLock Automatic: Load Mode, Reboot Mode, Machine Install, Demo and Update. Supports CopyMaster International, Ventuno and all other Trace-Mountain compatible diskette loaders. Does all the work in one pass: Formats diskettes (any DOS format), copies files, protects files, creates key diskettes and controls automatic rejection of faulty diskettes. Displays the accept/reject statistics. A special image mode allows you to duplicate master diskettes. The Pro-version can be delivered with support for CompatiCard and 600 RPMdrives. Marketed since 1985.

NetCops for EXE Files on Networks
An effective security system for protecting and controlling access to EXE files residing on a network. Extremely safe. Individual stations maybe diskless. Many features, including automatic / manual validation of user requests. User passwords optional. You can specify the total number of users as well as the number of concurrent of users. Normal backup and restore of server. Server can even be replaced. Log file of super-user activities. Key diskette necessary for installation only. Super-user manages nodes and users from his local machine. First release: January, 1992.

WinCops for Windows Applications
WinCops is an easy-to-use security system designed for the protection of single-user, Windows applications. You own the system and can make as many protections as you like. Your Windows application is protected and transferred to a key diskette which cannot be copied. This key diskette is sent to your customer who can then install your program on the number of machines you have specified. The installed application runs on the target machines, but cannot be copied to others. The program runs normally with no interference from the protection - unless the end-user tries to make an unauthorized copy. First release: August 1990.

OS2Cops for OS2 Applications
Protects OS2 DLL's. Key diskette required for installation only. Afterwards, the protected program recognizes the machine. Protection code runs in protected mode and at processor priority-level zero. Supports OS2 version 2.0 and upwards. The DLL is encrypted and furnished with debug traps. Released March 1990.

DIALCOPS - Access Control by Telephone
Access control is a means of keeping track of WHO is using WHAT data WHERE (and maybe even WHEN). Without it, data can circulate freely once the originator releases it.
DIALCOPS is a licensing system allowing the distribution of scrambled or otherwise "closed" data/programs at little or no initial cost to the end-user. Parts of the data can be pre-opened as an appetizer. The distributor can then open up data or executable programs by simply providing an access code over the telephone.
DIALCOPS is unique in that it restricts the allowed use to a single machine, or, in the case of network software, to one particular network and a selected number of users. Thus, one needs an access code for each user or group of users. This separation is achieved by examining and uniquely identifying the inner "signature" of the machine. The Machine ID was invented by LINK in 1987 and has been used world-wide since then.
The access-code can also be limited, so that it runs out after a specified length of time. After expiration, a new code can be given. In any case, the distributor is guaranteed of payment.

  • Ideally suited for demonstration purposes.
  • Code generation can be automated using a voice response system.
  • For cost effectiveness, several manufacturers can publish a common CD-ROM and get individual payment when programs are opened up.
Released September 1993.

Cops ProClub
Most software houses are interested in an update once in a while to keep up with the newest computers and the latest operating systems.
Members get all updates free and full professional support, including solutions to their own particular problems. They also get connected to our BBS for fast download of the newest versions or specific fixes.
We place a high priority on individual service for our customers. Each customer is important and receives direct help from our top technicians. When you need help, you get the best we can deliver.
Throughout our history, we have always paid close attention to our customers' needs and incorporated their suggestions into our products.

Other Products:

Link Data Security's more technically-oriented products include a Transient Interval Analysis (TIA) board which enables diskette specialists to view and evaluate the individual bits on a floppy disk.

Link supports the Trace 1006, 1020, and 3020 series of disk duplicators for companies that need to mass produce CopyLock key diskettes. A metered version is also available for this product.
For quality control, there's Cops Verify, which can check batches of key diskettes or serialized diskttes using a loader.

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