Applying the Protection
for CD-Cops and DVD-Cops

You start by preparing files for your title as usual. Then you apply protection to the main executable using the Cops software. A few small changes need to be made to the installation script. You then burn and test the gold master CD-R or DVD-R.

When the master is OK, you send it to your preferred CD/DVD plant and produce a series of disks in the normal way. When you receive the shipment, which have all been produced from the same glass master and are therefore identical, you run an utility which measures one of the disks and extracts an access code. This code, which is entirely public, is then included with the disk when it is sold, either as a label, enclosed in the package, silk-screened onto the disk (or embedded, see later).

CD-cops security

During installation of the software, the user enters the access code (only needed once). The program and data files can reside either on the CD/DVD or on the hard disk, but the original disk must be present. If a pirate disk is inserted into the drive, the software will refuse to run. Click here for special versions where the disk is not needed every time.

The access code can be omitted if it is embedded using a special production process that any factory can adapt to without hardware changes. A title can be reprinted later on assuming production comes from the original glass-master. Each time a new glass-master is produced, a new access code must be extracted. This protects even against professional pirates that make CD/DVDs in volume on factories.


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