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The connected technologies that make up today's computer world encompass hardware, firmware, system & application software, plus a number of network technologies. Our company was built on a broad knowledge of all this, based on years of work designing hardware and software systems in the industry. History is also important; it is difficult to understand today’s technologies without a detailed understanding of the evolution of hardware and software. Through all the years consultancy has been important to us, sharpening our ability to solve problems, and keeping in touch with the market. We have given advice to and solved problems for very large companies internationally, inside as well as outside the security field.

Our work with building security systems has meant an involvement deep inside the inner parts of computers. Through our built-in automated internet support we have learned about all the odd conditions software can meet in the market. Problems arising from low-level software can be extremely difficult to find and cure, and our experience in solving such problems have taught us a lot.

We can offer to assist with consultancy especially within:

Security planning

Securing distribution of programs or data files - or securing company locations against malware.

Hardware, firmware and low-level software

This can be design, fault-finding - or simply participation in development.

Software analysis and implementation

We master a broad range of languages including many variants of Assembly.

Operating Systems

Windows Server setup and maintenance. Besides Windows we have worked on a daily basis with macOS (OS X). And we have experience with Linux and Unix plus many other OS types.

Network and Router setup

Setup of Wi-Fi and LAN/WANs. Finding the best way to configure and secure routers with firewall, especially Linux based.

Backup planning

Backup is the best defense against damage from broken servers, or from deliberate malicious actions (like Ransomware). With good tools and a good strategy, it will always be possible to recover important data, should disaster happen.

Feel free to contact us. You will not be charged for the initial stages. At a later point it can be arranged that a preliminary report is made to explicitly pin down the needs you have, and lay out a possible solution. Some of the largest organizations in the world have trusted us in making such solutions; examples can be found in the Reference section.


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