Solution References

Lotus 1-2-3 International

We were hired by Lotus International to protect their entire range of diskette-based products, in areas of the world where piracy was considered a serious problem. Cop's Copylock for DOS was used with only minor modifications and development was done for OS/2 and later on for Windows. Further development were done to allow protected diskettes to be produced on Trace Mountain UNIX-based machinery. The cooperation was kept for years until Lotus decided to compete with Microsoft in releasing unprotected products altogether.  


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Middle East Group in Seattle contacted us, and modifications were agreed to in our WinCops product. The release of Windows in Arabic was then done with this special version that limited the number of installations possible for each diskette.

Microsoft has later on used CD-Cops to protect the dealer version of MS Office Pack.


Royal Dutch Shell

Link was chosen to develop a licensing system for their network in Shell's headquarter in Amsterdam, Holland. The network consisted of 1200 PC's and 5 servers. The licensing system made it possible to register the number of simultaneous users of each individual piece of software. The succesfull outcome of this project reduced their license payment to the software manufacturers quite a bit. 



IBM Denmark hired us to develop the security in a new CD-ROM distribution system. The system allowed several software packages to be on the same CD, unlocked by a code. Once unlocked, the applications would install and run normally. The software could be any standard software package. Other consultancy projects for this company were a compression utility and a data collection system.

IBM Boca Raton recommended us to Platinum, USA and we concluded a development contract that gave Platinum a safe distribution on network platforms.



We have only mentioned a few large and well known companies here. Many other solutions have been created - on time, functional and, if needed, with support and modifications done later on.  


Link Data Security