Html has become a popular format for distribution of products delivered on CD/DVD or USB-sticks. We have had many requests for this, since normal html protecion focuses on web distributed products.

HtmlCops is a special version of Cops Crypto for safe distribution of encrypted Html files without the need for modifications to the Html browser used to view Html files). You carry out the Html encryption in-house using a standard utility supplied by Link Data with the HtmlCops package.

The Html browser is monitored while running, and the Html files are decrypted on the fly in memory.

This advanced technique works on Windows (XP - Windows 11) & MacOS (OS X) 10.6 - Ventura 13.x .

The Html protected data files are encrypted using a powerful, proprietary algorithm and locked to the distribution media using our well-known CD/DVD-Cops or USB-Cops technology, or to the end-users machine using our WebCops product.

Since the Crypto loader is protected and the Html files are fully encrypted, you can safely distribute Html files in an encrypted form.

HtmlCops works with normal standard Html browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. The "Save As" function and even the clipboard can be disabled. HtmlCops allows html protection of almost any format: HTM, MPG, MOV, AVI, JPG, GIF, SWF, DXR, FLASH, QUICKTIME and many others. HtmlCops is a strong system which gives highly secure html protection for files normally considered impossible to protect. All hyperlinks and embedded multi-media files are handled seamlessly.

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