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Protect Your Data Files with Cops Crypto !

Cops Crypto

Cops Crypto is the perfect solution to the old problem of protecting data files that are used with standard programs: text databases, digital pictures, movie files or sound files. Cops Crypto encrypts your data files, and at the same time prevents them from being copied. Click here to read about data protection.

The traditional solution required encryption and changes to the browser that used the data files. In many cases the browser is difficult to modify since it is a finished product. Also, the end-user may be using any one of several popular browsers.

Cops Crypto allows the use of a standard browser while maintaining encrypted data files. The browser is monitored while running and data files are decrypted on the fly in memory. For instance Acrobat Reader files (PDF) can be protected and used with any standard Reader.

Our proprietary, highly refined techniques make it work with all popular browsers running on Windows (XP - Windows 11) & MacOS (OS X) 10.6 - 12.x.

Your data files are encrypted using a powerful, proprietary algorithm. The decryption software (Crypto loader) is locked to the distribution media using our well-known CD/DVD-Cops or USB-Cops technology - or locked to the end-users machine (or network) using our WebCops product.

Since the Crypto loader is protected and the data files are fully encrypted, you can safely distribute generic data files in an encrypted form. Advanced mining techniques, with individually graduaded complexity for selected groups of files, have now been added to further enhance the security level.

Printing, clipboard, file save and other potential security leakages can be disabled. Various tools to grab from the screen can also be blocked. Virtual printers are also detected and disabled.

We can also help you with installation scripts and the conversion of your application to a network version.

Cops Crypto supports data file formats like PDF, BMP, MDB, HTML, DOC, XLS, XLSM, MPG, MOV, AVI, JPG, GIF, SWF, DXR, FLASH, QUICKTIME and many other formats.

We have made many special user-initiated versions for advanced systems, like Adobe Air, CATIA, Smart Notebook and Max DSP.


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