Cops CopyLock

Cop's CopyLock II Automatic for DOS.

For the copy protection of DOS .EXE and .COM files. No source changes necessary. Files are locked to key diskettes which cannot be copied. The key diskette is required each time the program is loaded, or once for each reboot. No special diskettes, hardware or code changes are required. All DOS diskette formats are supported. Unlimited number of protections. Highest diskette and code security. The protected files are encrypted and furnished with state-of-the-art debug-trapping mechanisms.Defeats special copying boards and bit-copiers etc.

Includes Machine Installation which allows a protected program to be permanently installed without altering the hard disk. Machine installation allows 100% normal backup and restore in contrast to the "hard disk installation" used by others. The hard disk can be low-level formatted or even replaced with another hard disk type without affecting protected files. Includes a versatile Demo Mode for allowing your program to run a specified number of times. Supports pre-defined production runs. Image Mode. Unlimited number of protections.

Can be delivered to control Mountain protocol compatible diskette Loader machinery.

Marketed since 1984.


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