NetCops Protection

Distributing popular software inevitably creates the need for a network edition to facilitate larger organizations and schools. Even though network revenue may not be that high, reduced security can undermine sales on the single-user market. NetCops has served this need for many years, giving full control over number of users via LINK's verification server. The advanced NetCops technology offers many advantages:

Easy server-installation from a client machine
No online contact needed after installation
Controls number of simultaneous users
Client installation is not needed
Clients need only read-access to the server
No changes are needed on the server
Normal back-up of server
One CD can be used for all network packages
User count easily upgraded on verification server

Production costs can be lowered since network packages with different user counts can be distributed on the same CD-ROM. It is also possible to make print-on-demand production on CD-R discs with the user-count embedded on the disc.

How the CD-Cops Network Protection Works

When the SysOp installs the application, the original CD is verified.Files are copied to the server, a message box is displayed, and the operator must enter a Network License Key which enables the network protection for a specified number of users.

As each user starts the application, he is automatically logged in. There are no specified clients, but rather a maximum number of simultaneous users.

When the number of active users exceeds the number of licenses assigned, a message will inform the user that more licenses must be purchased.

Upgrading the Network

To change the network configuration, e.g. to increase the number of simultaneous users, the system operator contacts the publisher and arranges for new license conditions. He then runs the maintainance utility by clicking on the icon that was established during the original network installation.

The original CD must be present in a local drive for this and online contact possible, the new conditions are then automatically established.

Using the NetCops Database for Customer Support

The publisher has access to the Link's database and from here can manipulate each customer.Using the on-line database, the publisher can easily configure the parameters listed below. In each case, the customer must run the maintainance utility and have the original CD in order to implement the changes.

Maximum User Count

The total maximum number of users allowed to run the program.

On-line Interval

The customer and the publisher can agree on how often the network protection goes on-line to check license validity.

Time Expiry

When this item is enabled, the installation will expire on the specified date, thereby requiring the system operator to arrange a new expiry date.


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