Custom Solutions


The finished products all have certain advantages and limitations. To a certain degree they can be combined, for instance DVD-Cops can be combined with PDF-Cops or with NetCops.

LINK has delivered numerous custom solutions, and we will be happy to apply our expertise to creating a good solution matching the needs of your organization.

Standard systems can be expanded, combined or modified to interface to your existing environment, or totally new concepts can be created. In fact this is how most of our products and their many features have been made. In other cases we deliver pure consultancy, not in any way related to our products.

Feel free to contact us. You will not be charged for the initial stages. At a later point it can be arranged that a preliminary report is made to explicitly pin down the needs you have and lay out a possible solution. Some of the largest organizations in the world have trusted us in making such solutions; examples can be found in the Reference section.


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