2016: Japanese Ministry of Defense enters a contract for securing their monthly distribution.
2016: Thomas Hindberg is our new CEO.
2014: Gazelle award for growth 3rd year in a row.
2011: CLS in Paris becomes French distributor.
2008: Rimage Cooperation started.
2007: LINK celebrates its 25th anniversary.
2006: Indian Tobacco Company signs contract.
2004: Rico Elm becomes partner.
2003: Fuji/Xerox selects LINK to secure intranet for 15.000 employees in Japan.
2002: Toyota Japan uses Cop's Crypto to secure in-house documents.
2001: Suncarla corporation in Tokyo starts distributing Cops products.
2001: WebCops used to protect the American HyperBowl product.
2001: Macmillan Publishers choose CD-Cops to secure their well-known English and American dictionaries.
2000: Mediawise selects CD-Cops for distribution in in the Middle East.
1999: CD-Cops is selected by the leading Chinese security distributor in an extensive test conducted by China's national testlab.
1997: Oxford University Press signs an agreement for protection of its dictionaries.
1997: CD-Denmark is bought by Wolters Kluwer. LINK makes a management buy-out. Sadek Takla becomes board chairman, Hans K. Pedersen CEO.
1996: CD-Cops gets a lot of interest from newspapers, radio and TV due to the new technology behind physical recognition of CD-ROMs.
1995: Microsoft Windows 3.1 Arabic is released using Cop's Copylock protection.
1994: LINK goes online with one of the first graphical websites in Denmark.
1993: DialCops is developed for CD-Denmark who then become a partner in LINK Data Security A/S.
1993: Large network licensing system is made for Royal Dutch Shell in Amsterdam.
1990: Lotus 1-2-3 selects Cop's Copylock as their worldwide protection solution.
1988: We exhibit in Comdex, Las Vegas and get a US sales outlet.
1985: We move to our current location in the center of Copenhagen.
1984: Our PC based protection system, Cop's Copylock, is sold in volume.
1982: Link Computer ApS is started by Roger Mester and Hans K. Pedersen, making consultancy solutions and CPM security programs.


Link Data Security