DVDR-Cops is based on DVD-Cops, the worlds first DVD-ROM protection. You can make high quality copy-protection in-house on ordinary DVD-R discs. DVD-R copy-protection is very useful for small productions and for print-on-demand. DVD-Cops ULTRA is the latest refinement, ensuring full compatibility with modern computers.

DVDR-Cops has the same features as DVD-Cops, and the same high level of security.
The production of the protected DVD-R is done via your normal burner software and an extra software module, which is included in DVDR-Cops.
You will be able to use your preferred DVD-R media (no special DVD-R disks needed) and your normal burner drive and software.
Supports all Windows versions (XP - Windows 11) both 32 and 64 bit.

Applying the copy-protection

You start by applying protection to the main executable using the DVDR-Cops software. A few small changes need to be made to the installation script to include extra files. You then make the DVD-R image with your normal burner software and burn the DVD-R with our burner software. It will connect to the internet to verify each DVD-R. Burning process will be fast as usual, with a small overhead for this online connection.

It is possible to make CodeFree discs, no need for user code entry. Each disc is individually marked, this can be used by the publisher.

DVDR-Cops works with certain DVD-R duplicator types (Rimage and Primera) for high volume DVD-R replication in-house. The duplicator must be connected to a PC, and the the DVD-R burner drive must appear as a normal drive to Windows. As always with DVDR-Cops you can use your preferred DVD-Rs. To get beautiful images on the front you should choose blank DVD-Rs made for printing.

If more information is needed, please feel free to contact us.


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