The world's first DVD-ROM protection

DVD-Cops copy-protection recognizes an original DVD-ROM and rejects copies: those produced on a DVD-R writer, as well as those produced by "professional pirates" on glass masters. The protection doesn't require special DVD-ROM's and any DVD factory can produce protected discs.

DVD-cops is based on the well-known and very reliable CD-Cops technology, and DVD-Cops is one of the most secure DVD copy-protection systems in the world. The software that checks the disk is protected by Link's Code Security, which has been in use since 1984 and is known throughout the world as being virtually unbreakable.

DVD-Cops is a shell protection which is added to the softwares main executable. This is the only change necessary. Your usual production procedure remains the same. The protection measures Minute differences to establish the DVD-ROM’s fingerprint, which ensures that copies are rejected.

Read about the many different versions of DVD-Cops. DVD-Cops for 16-bit .exe files and for Linux are separate products.

DVD-Cops Features:

High security level. Generic hacks are not available on the internet, and DVD-R copy programs and emulators cannot break our DVD copy-protection.
Apply copy-protection and test the final title in-house.
Supports all Windows versions (XP - Windows 11) on both 32 and 64 bit.
Protects both program files and most data formats.
Built-in online support and update facility. Deals with most issues automatically.
For enhanced security, "Game-API" option utilizes coding deep inside your program.
Network version available. Supports almost all server types.

How to apply the protection can be seen here. The procedure is identical to our CD-Cops protection.

DVD-Cops was finished in mid-1998, and the first protected DVD title was produced in October, 1998. With DVD-burners and virtual drives being used by nearly everyone, companies are today aware that DVD anti-piracy security is important.

Read about DVD copy-protection in the Dec 1998 article: DVD-Cops in EMedia Pro.

DVD-Cops has been used by Germany's largest publisher of digital encyclopedia, F. A. Brockhaus, on their best‑selling Brockhaus Multimedial for many years.


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