This product is a special version of Cops Crypto for safe distribution of XLSM files (XLS files containing macros) without the need for modifications to the standard Excel viewer. You carry out the XLSM encryption in-house using a utility supplied by Link Data.

The copy-protection works by monitoring the Excel browser while it's running, and the files are decrypted on the fly in memory. XLSM-Cops also offers the possibility to disable: Screen capture, snipping tools, clip board, save as, internet connection, printing, and many more functions for optimal security.

This advanced XLSM copy-protection supports all the newest operating systems for both Windows (XP - Windows 11) & MacOS (OS X) 10.6 - 12.x.

With our copy-protection your XLSM data files are encrypted using a powerful, proprietary algorithm and locked to the distribution media using our well-known CD/DVD/USB-Cops technology, or locked to the end-user's machine using WebCops.

If you choose our on-line Webcops solution, configurations such as time expiration are possible, and groups of documents can be opened for a specified period of time. Documents can easily be changed later, or new documents can be added.

Since the Crypto loader is protected and the XLSM files are fully encrypted, you can safely distribute XLS files with macros without fear of piracy.

For full documentation on this exciting XLSM copy-protection, please contact us.


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