Max protection

Max from Cycling74 is a handy tool for creating interactive software for sound products.
Modifying our Cops Crypto and WebCops we have managed to create a safe protection path forward for Max developers, both for macOS and for Windows platforms. After installation, the protection is totally transparent to the user, and no web connection is required.

Programs or data can be downloaded from your website, or distributed via any other media. Once an Access Code is issued (automatically via the web or manually via telephone/email/fax), the application is enabled. The application is now locked to the user’s machine (or network) and will run only here and only until the specified expiry date.

Encrypted files can be downloaded or delivered on a CD/DVD/USB-stick.
The internet is used for validation but not for daily use.
You can control no. of runs and time-expiry via our online license-server.
You can re-encrypt and add new encrypted files in-house.
Can be combined with network control over no. of users.
Offline installation is possible, also using QR-codes.

Supports Windows (XP - Windows 11) & Mac OS X (10.6 - 12.x) & all normal network servers. macOS for ARM is now also supported. Perfect for Secure Download and Electronic Software Distribution.


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