DVD-COPS versions

Here is a list of various standard types of DVD-Cops program protection. All can be delivered to protect either 16-bit or 32-bit programs. In all cases DVD-Code must be entered first time the protected program is run, unless a special "Codefree" production process is used. Here the DVD-Code is embedded on the DVD-ROM, but only certain factories can handle this process. If you need something even more special then look under Custom Solutions


Key-DVD checked every time program is being started.

Enhanced version:

Object module linked in various places can perform additional key-DVD checks upon request. Good for ultimate security but requires some implementation.

Machine Install version:

Key-DVD checked during installation and program is then machine installed. It will then run from that machine without key-DVD. Can be installed several places from original DVD!

Hard expiry version:

Key-DVD checked every time program is being loaded but refuses to run after a certain preselected date. This date is absolute ie. not to be confused with relative expiry (xx days after installation). Can be used for demo purposes.

Regular key-DVD insertion:

Key-DVD checked only once in a while. Comes with a warning a number of days before it expires - original DVD must then be inserted. Insertion interval can be chosen - typically 2-4 weeks.

Network security:

See NetCops


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