WebCops for macOS


WebCops is a DRM security system for safe distribution on MacOS (OS X). After installation, the protection is totally transparent to the user, and no web connection is required.

A WebCops protected application can be distributed via the internet, email, CD-ROM, DVD, USB-stick or any other media! Once an Access Code is issued (automatically via the web or manually via telephone/email), the application is enabled. The application is now locked to the user’s machine (or network) and will run only here and only until the specified expiry date.

Encrypted files can be downloaded or delivered on a CD/DVD/USB-stick.
The internet is used for validation but not for daily use.
You can control no. of runs and time-expiry via our online license-server.
The protection can be combined with data protection such as PDF-Cops.
Can be combined with NetCops for network control over no. of users.
Offline installation possible, also using QR-codes.

Supports newest MacOS version (OS X) 10.6 - 12.X & all normal network servers. Perfect for Secure Download and Electronic Software Distribution. Support is now also added for ARM computer chips.

For Windows support see Webcops for Windows.

WebCops has the same high security level as CD-Cops. It relies heavily on machine identification, another area of technology where Link has been a pioneer. The access code issued to a customer can be used only on the target machine and cannot be broadcast on the internet.

How it works.

When the protected program is installed, WebCops sends information to LINK's web verification server, comprising the user's unique registration number and his Machine ID.

If the registration number is avaliable, an access code to enable the program is returned. This code will work only on the target PC (or network), only with that particular program, and only until the expiry date embedded in the code.

WebCops. Program Protection and Distribution.

Fig 1: Applying the WebCops Guard Module: Protection and Initialization

Fig 2: WebCops Daily Operation

Generating the Access Code

The access code is generated automatically by LINK's verifications servers. You don't need to bother about server maintenance or complex server coding.

Easy to Apply. No changes needed to your application

WebCops is a so-called shell or envelope protection. You run our easy-to-use protection utility and add the protection directly to your finished EXE file.

If you want to copy-protect multi-media data files, you must also use our Cops Crypto data encryption utility.

Use any media

A WebCops protected application can be distributed via the internet, email, CD-ROM, DVD, USB-stick or any other media. The application is encrypted and cannot be used until enabled by entering an access code. Once enabled, the application runs only on the target machine and only until the expiration date contained in the access code.

A WebCops protected application can be enabled automatically via the net or manually by telephone, fax or email, even with QR-codes. In any case, the end-user receives an access code that allows the application to start. You are in complete control of this code which is machine-specific, application-specific, and also determines the expiration date.

You can configure the user-interface for each protection. All text is taken from an INI file, making it easy to translate messages to other languages.


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