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2017, Mar Link News 2017
2014, Jun Link News 2014
2012, Apr Link News 2012
2009, Sep Link News 2009
2008, Aug Link News 2008
2007, Jun Link News 2007
2007, Feb Analyzing Retro and Modern Schemes, RSA 2007
2006, Jul Link Newsletter
2006, Jul Link in MED Magazine
2004, Nov CEO quoted in Gaming Industri News 
2003, Nov Linux protection press release
2003, Sep CD-Cops in
2002, Nov Weaving Web privacy (ZDnet)
2002, Oct Link Theory Sets the Standard
2002, Oct Link Data interview in One To One Magazine
2002, Apr Link Data interview in Danish PC World
2001, Oct DVD-Cops article in BitConomy (in Danish)
2001, Jun Watch out for CD-Cops clones !
2000, Nov Copy Protection: Hot Button Issue
2000, Sep Piracy Protection and DVD
2000, Apr Proteção para CDs e DVDs
1999, Oct Copy protection for CD becomes 'the norm'
1999, Jun Copy Protection Makes A Comeback
1999, Mar Disc Piracy - It costs more than you think.
1999, Feb Security in the digital age
1998, Dec Rallying the Disc Patrol
1997, Dec Combating CD Piracy
1997, Jul CD-Cops and Microsoft Office
1996, Sep Slut med hjemmebrænding
1996, Aug Now: Real CD-ROM Recognition


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