Link Product News

   Date              News Item
2020, Oct Cops Crypto extended mining
2020, Aug macOS Big Sur supported
2018, Sep USB-Cops OnDemand
2018, Jun SWF, Flash Player Windows 10 fix
2018, Feb Adobe AIRⓇ expired certificate
2016, Aug DVDR-Cops Ultra
2016, Jun XLSM protection
2015, Oct Secure Download solution
2015, Jun SmartⓇ Notebook protection
2014, May USB 3.0 protection
2013, Jan QR-code scan for smartcode activation
2011, Jun OS X support in USB-Cops
2011, Feb MaxⓇ Cycling74 protection
2010, Nov WebCops works with OS X
2009, Aug CAD-Cops for CATIAⓇ
2009, Jun Adobe AIRⓇ supported
2008, May USB-Cops delivered.
2007, Aug DVDR-Cops finished.
2006, Sep UNI-Cops combines our protections.
2005, Jul Loader support for CDR-Cops
2004, Oct Linux DVD-ROMs secured
2004, Oct Normal CD-Rs now protected
2004, Oct Improved Cops Crypto II
2003, Sep The new CD-Cops III
2003, Sep CD-Cops for Linux
2003, Sep WebCops for MAC OS-X
2003, Sep Cops Crypto Facelift
2002, May Link sells measure-drives
2002, May Codefree CD-Cops
2002, Jan True html protection
2001, Nov Autosupport for CD-Cops
2001, May DVD-ROM Piracy takes off
2000, Sep eCops protect on-line without password
2000, Sep Cop's Crypto Takes Off
2000, Mar Cop's CRYPTO now for PDF Files
2000, Feb DVD-Cops, worlds first DVD protection
1999, Nov Cop's CopyLock II. The world's Oldest?
1999, Dec WinCops II v3.22 for Win 95/98 & NT


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