Link Customer News

   Date              News Item
2019, Apr Macmillan maintenance and test contract
2018, Sep ITC India USB-Cops OnDemand contract
2016, Apr Ministry of Defense Japan trust DVDR-Cops
2015, Nov Deutsche Bank renews WebCops QR-scan
2011, May OED 2nd. ed. on OS X
2009, Mar British Council Innovation Award
2007, Nov Osmania University examinations
2007, Aug 1 mio. CDs to Africa
2006, Jul Largest French Encyclopaedia secured
2006, Sep Indian Tobacco Company signs contract.
2005, Mar Cops Crypto on Oxford English Dictionary
2004, Nov CD-Cops on National Encyclopaedia
2004, Nov Vetstream uses Cops Crypto
2003, Dec Fuji/Xerox selects LINK to secure intranet
2003, Sep Indian Timetabler
2003, Sep Toolbook protection
2003, Sep XLS in Japan
2003, Sep ITE - Now one year with CD-Cops.
2002, Oct Link protects Scandinavian maps
2002, Sep HtmlCops protects Toyota
2002, May Milia 2002 Emma Award
2002, Jan WebCops used on Plus! for Windows XP
2002, Jan CD-Cops Protects Macmillan Dictionary
2002, Jan DVD-Cops on Germanys largest encyclopedia
2001, Aug DXR movie files now protected
2001, May Famous video hits as CD-ROM game
2000, Sep Cambridge University Press
2000, Sep Link Protects Germany's Most Popular Lexica
2000, Mar Cop's Crypto Protects Navigational Maps
2000, Mar Oxford ALD 6 and CD-Cops
1997, Sep CD-Cops on MS-Office 97 Dealer version


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